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 The New Year - Complete Lyrics



I'm heading straight where I never go
There's no more hiding in these folios
Each page has known what the first one showed
There're still three more hours of sunlight

And in this dream of a cottage on a hill
There was no view of the life that makes it real
Here in May and only the trees
Want to leave like I do

I don't think the good years I've got can wait
So what are we staying for

-Matt Kadane

The Company I Can Get

It felt so fitting
As I crossed the state line
As the last chord rang out
And the tape started to unwind
As my knuckles on the wheel
Made a perfect gun-sight
And each car that fell there
I could vanish from the light

But God knows I wouldn't
I need all the company I can get
Even that redneck
In the red corvette

The highway takes
A toll on your soul
The odometer reads miles
Like time calling roll
In the broken road kill
It's there in their eyes
Was I put here
To be food for the flies

God knows if I wasn't
It's for the company I can get
Even that redneck
In the red corvette

-Matt Kadane

X Off Days

I can't remember why it felt so good
When you and I made our plans to get away
It's not like it's some kind of great escape
When you only manage not to suffocate

But the accidents that brought us here
The excuses for another year
Give us minimal air
Enough to make us forget why we care

It's not that easy to overcome this hyper-caution
When your moral life is this fragile
And this town is always watching

So we x off days on the calendar
And nothing really moves any faster

-Matt Kadane

The Door Opens

There's no design
Just try to see yourself
Without looking through a fairy tale
The door opens and all hell blows in

All this torn skin, bones, blood, and snot
Reminds us of what we wish we were not
The door opens and all hell blows in

All the dust blown into a cloud
It's unsettled and can't find its way around
It keeps lifting and then it flies right out
It keeps lifting and then it flies right

Out to the sun
As far as it can ride the gust
Into the grass
To move with whatever comes
Into the water
To sink to the bottom mud
Into the water
To the mud

The door's open
And it's never going to close
The door's open
It's jammed with everything you know
The door's open
And it's what you've always known

-Bubba Kadane


There are things some people classify as pleasures
That just before I die I'll have no regrets for having missed
Camping and orgies and places on the body I've never kissed

But however you define whatever you have in mind
We both have a need for things we don't need
Like belief and relief and pleasure and grief

Now I'm sitting here waiting to leave New Year's Eve
Nothing good came from MMV
But death and destruction and my new resolution
To drink more and laugh more and sleep more and dream more

-Matt Kadane

Seven Days and Seven Nights

In seven days and seven nights
Will we forget the long flight
And now that we're here
Is there no way we can stay for a year

And at least keep the sun on our skin
The make-up for a fading grin
I don't want to go home
Dial my boss and hand me the phone

Now I'm back behind my desk
Calculating all the risk
That I'd never take
I have my one week in the sun
to bake

-Matt Kadane

Wages of Sleep

I have a feeling
And feelings can sometimes tow the line
That everything will always work out next time
Better than it has the other days
Eight hours of sleep can make anything go away
Until it comes back into my mind
If I had reason to think things would be different this time
Now I see
I've planted all of the evidence that I find
That my habits will get me somewhere

I have a feeling
That this will work out halfway alright
The wages of sleeping are compromise
And feelings that tell a lot of lies
Ten hours of sleep can make anything go away
And never come back into my mind
I'd have reason to think things will be different this time
If I'd never
Planted all of the evidence that I find
That my habits will get me somewhere

-Bubba Kadane

Body and Soul

I don't want a body
Without a soul
Here's just one more thing
I can't control

Like my fingers
And my mouth
Like my temper
And my doubts

That's why I'm sorry to subject you
With the things I do
To what by now you know
is the image of you

We're not who we thought
We were who we're not
There are two ways to go on
To forget or not to go on

And still I'm sorry to subject you
With the things I do
To what for long you've known
Is the image of you

-Matt Kadane

My Neighborhood

I pulled my socks
Up to my neck
I've never been so cold in my life
With my hands
beginning to ache
I started my way down the street

Houses that once looked inviting
Now tempt me to know what they're hiding
The majestic
The domestic
All their windows are closed

Where can I go
So I won't lose
Who I should be
Don't say whoever I choose

Now I feel like a murderer
But I don't know who I've killed
This is my neighborhood
Where no one's seen me before
But I'm still young
Or I think I am
Then why this bitter response

To my face
To my stare
The way that I show with a smile
That I just don't care

I saw the headlights coming
But I didn't change my course
I had the feeling I've had all along
That I can't surprise myself

What could I say
In front of that light
I moved away I guess
I won't tonight

-Matt Kadane

The Idea of You

The girls in the back of the room
Having the time of their lives
As they sing out of tune
You know I'll be going soon
To the back of the room

Because I can't keep
Calling my mother
I need another kind of other
And even though I love my brother
He won't do

Like you up against the back wall
I know you've heard it all
But you should know I want nothing more
Than the idea of you

It's not that I'm dying
To be young again
But the last few years
Have turned me into an alien
And you should know
That you're just filling in
For the idea of you

-Matt Kadane

All songs copyright Kadane/Kadane (Bedhead Songs, ASCAP)