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 The End Is Near - Complete Lyrics

THE NEW YEAR The End is Near

The End's Not Near

The end's not near
It's here
Spread the cheer
And watch the millenarians
Throw a party for a thousand years

You won't see the pious praying
They'll be too busy flaying
All the martyrs with better ways
To stop the world decaying

If you call me I won't be home
I'm hiding from the kingdom come
They can't see everything on earth
With the satellites and the roving drones

This is why hell is underground
Like a reclaimed bad part of town
We don't want to lose our souls
We're the saints who don't want to be found

-Matt Kadane

Sinking Ship

I'm driving slow
Because I don't want to show up early
There's nothing worse than a party
When you don't know anybody

The men want to get it on
The women want to show it off
I just want to get out of here
And unhook my smile from my ears

The exit may be behind you
Take some time to look
When this party crashes
That's time you'll wish you took

Because all these quick friendships
Can't survive a sinking ship
I just want to get through
That bad vodka and the dip

-Matt Kadane

Chinese Handcuffs

I've come to face myself
In a staring contest in the mirror
Where there's more chance of victory
Than in an argument with you

We're not two peas in a pod
We're two fingers in Chinese handcuffs
The more we pull we stay
The more we stay we pull
Apart this wicker toy
With it the joy
The things that bind in pain
Keep us in love

-Matt Kadane

Plan B

This isn't breaking my back
But my spirit
You know that it is
when you just take it
and start to forget who you were

It's not just the hours
that feel so wasted
I've wasted more than this
when I used to just look
for a way around everything

I did it all to stay clean
It was instinct

This isn't hard on my hands
And I wouldn't care if it was
I'd rather not even think
if I have to think
inside this other world

This may be just what I need
Keep everything separated

I'll never really stay clean
No way I can see

This may be just what I need
Keep everything

It may be what I need
But it's not what I want

-Bubba Kadane


It was summer
And a hundred and six degrees
The air was hot water
There was no motion in the trees
And in this weather only two things grow
Or three
Hot tempers
And disease

That menace has found us again
It's not just the old giving up and in
Don't let it take your breath away

We're all feeling ill at ease
Since we were swinging through the trees
And everyone knows that no one will ever know the true source of

I don't know about God
But I'm sure there's a devil
You see it in the eyes
Of every man and woman who's ill
I don't know about heaven or our souls
But our bodies are all going to hell

And disease has found us again
In a few healthy years
Did we think it would end
Don't let it take your breath away

-Matt Kadane

Age of Conceit

Last week I would have said there's no way
Today I'm giving in
I don't believe in what I now have to believe in
But no one sees and end to the end

I have a recurrent memory
The world has its legs spread in front of me
Now they mark off the limits of the possible
They went on forever now they come together

But legs can't stay uncrossed for long
The pleasure can't escape the perverse
We have to stay together
The men have taken over
The vainglorious masters of fact
Give me back my childhood
But let me keep my beard
I'll be the freakish little man

Do you feel inspired
I'm not fired up (all I feel is tired)
There's no motive in misery

You're smiling through your teeth
It's shaken your belief
There's no hiding in self loathing

Your friends are digging in
And squirting out their kin
And giving up on self-definition

This is a new age of conceit

-Matt Kadane


I left everything a mile from here
I dropped it when I thought it was the end
Can I go back and get everything I left
And start where I stopped

You mean it's too late to change my mind
I have to live with my decision
Quitting at the first sign of trouble
and have to live with the decision

Can I still go back and get anything
and start where I stopped
Pick up everything I left
so I can just start where I stopped

You mean there's no way to turn around
I have to live without revision
Learning too late to do any good
and I have to live with my decisions

Just let me go
Let me go back

-Bubba Kadane


Even when you're looking
Out of a body that's one day away
From being a corpse
You still feel eighteen on the inside

This is something you should know
There's no escaping getting old
But did I hear that when I was told so
When I was eighteen on the outside

Even when you're smiling
From the side of your mouth
I can hear you say that you want out
You still feel carefree on the inside

Somebody come through that window
And get me out of here
I thought we'd go through together
But I've never been so wrong

-Matt Kadane

Stranger to Kindness

Your teeth are grinding down into sand
Your fingers are coming through your hands
Your hair is graying
Your eyes are shaking

You can't expect the kindness of strangers
From those strangers to kindness
But don't acquiesce
Control your anger
You're in danger in this part of the world

Are we cowards
Are they jackals
Are we bitter
Or better off than they are

They jump into bed like it's the end of the world
Have those girls never seen boys
And have those boys ever loved men
They ones who give head to get ahead

-Matt Kadane

All songs copyright Kadane/Kadane (Bedhead Songs, ASCAP)