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 Snow - Complete Lyrics



We've left our heyday
Searching the coffers
For empty offers

I don't know why 
You trust the sky
You must like your lies from blue eyes

You'll never placate
These men who train 
To train their sights
And close their eyes

We may not know what
It takes to make a good life
Guided by the gods to whom you sacrifice
All the good things in your life

But we don't want to know what
It takes to make a good life
Guided by the gods to whom you sacrifice
All the good things in your life

-Matt Kadane


The stare of a boundless blank page
Led me into the snow
That's covered up the paths
That take me where I go

Now the only line I see
Leads to what led me 
To leave

The light in the house
In the room I don't own
The desk and the song
That don't get along

And here comes the snow
Cold enough to know
To fall where the lost belong

-Matt Kadane


No one can see me
I left my body home
He likes to stay there alone
And it's about time that we were torn in two
Now I'm looking for more than just a drink or two

Don't try to go and get him
But if you want you can tell him
I can't get home tonight
I can't stand on my two wheels

A body wants to be resting
The mind it wants to wander
Come join back up with me
Just wander out the door

-Bubba Kadane

Recent History

There's nothing wrong with the twenty-first century
That wasn't wrong with the twentieth too
We're as at a loss 
For what to do
There's nothing in our recent history
That's new in me and you
So why are we surprised

There's nothing you could ever say to me
I wouldn't say to you
Except let's try to
Start this anew
There's no way that I want you
You haven't seen through
Living in this reprise 

-Matt Kadane

The Last Fall

Only now do I see the mistake
In all the indifference that I faked
What I had always meant to do
Was never let you see how I saw you

Now all the leaves are falling
And you're no longer calling
And all the color's fading
Like this is the last fall

As our hair and our patience grow thinner
And we settle in for the long winter
These olds regrets will magnify

Only now do I see the mistake
In all the wreckage in the rake
I never wanted to be seen
In the dying dream of staying green

Now all the leaves have fallen
And you'll soon be forgotten
And the backyard is rotten
Like every other fall

-Matt Kadane


There's no reason to celebrate
The best things we've done won't live on
When what we were is gone

When there are no advocates
Of the unknown
Of who we were
On our own

Unless myths are made
As the memories fade
And we loom large in their imagination
And they revive the shades
And wish we had stayed
Here with them on their
Sinking island  

-Matt Kadane

The Party's Over

Here's to all the party goers
Waiting for your cues
Standing shoulder to shoulder
Ready to smother each other
If given the order

Who'll shut this down
When the cops brought all the kegs

I don't know who you know
Or who you once were
But you can have all your fame
But I've seen you lead the troops
The geezers and dupes
With revelry for
The third world war

The vision will clear
In the hangover
So put down the beer
The party's over

-Matt Kadane


With a smile that shows every tooth
And ears built to withstand the truth
A map of the world spread flat
To smooth out a brand new plan

We either forget
Or count on a new ending
And go back again and again
For the same beating

I'm feeling so dazed
Like a shattered globe off its stand
That was spun around and around
To see where our fists would land

-Bubba Kadane

The Beast

In the back room
They can find the upside
In a mudslide
The sacrifices made
The memories will fade
Before we get repaid
They retained the option 
To trade in anything

Standing in the middle of the night
Staring at my sense of sight
Wondering how we signed away the right
When they get through
Who knows what we might do
Had they not convinced us
That we win when we're at their feast
Giving in to the beast

-Matt Kadane

Dead and Alive

This city shut down
Before the snow hit the ground
I'm on my own today
But I don't know what to do

I smell the distress
That leads the aimless
I'm on my own today
Drinking for three

When it snows
God only knows
Why it feels dead and alive

I'm on my own tonight
But I don't know who to be
When it snows
God only knows
Why it feels so dead
Why I feel so dead 
And alive

-Matt Kadane

All songs copyright Kadane/Kadane (Bedhead Songs, ASCAP)